Code of conduct

Our code of conduct


We at Elproman AB work hard to make sure that the integrity of the company remains a priority throughout our value chain. Because of this Elproman declares the following Code of Conduct.

Legal Compliance

We shall follow all applicable international, national and relevant laws and regulations as well as local work environment and labor legislations.

Human rights

Elproman AB supports and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed Human Rights. We make sure that we are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Labor Standards

Elproman promotes equal opportunities for and treatment of all employees regardless of skin color, race, nationality, social background, disabilities, sexual orientations, political or religious conviction, sex, gender identity or age. New recruitment of employees based on skills and experience.

As far as legally possible, we respect the right of free association of employees and neither favor nor discriminate against members of employee organizations or trade unions.

Elproman complies with the maximum number of working hours laid down in the applicable laws, provides fair remuneration and guarantees the applicable national statutory minimum wage.

A safe working environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying provided for all employees.

Elproman has an uncompromising approach to drugs. Our objective is for the company to be free of substance abuse. An alcohol and drug-free workplace is a necessary requirement for our employees’ security, work climate, health and safety.

Elproman prohibits behavior including gestures, language and physical contact, that is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative.

No workers shall be under the age of 15. Minors are not employed for any hazardous work, and shall not do work that endangers the child ́s personal development.

Elproman shall provide training and ensure that employees are educated in health and safety issues, regulations and measures. Elproman takes responsibility for the health and safety of all employees and makes every reasonable precaution possible in preventing accidents and occupational diseases.


Elproman does not tolerate and will not engage in any form of corruption or bribery, including improper offers for payment to or from employees, or organizations.

We shall not offer customers, potential customers, governments, and agencies of governments or any representatives of such entities, any reward or benefits that violate with applicable laws or reasonable and generally accepted business practice.

Employees must not accept payments, gifts, or other kinds of reimbursement from a third party that could affect their objectivity in their business decisions.


Elproman act in accordance with the applicable statutory and international standards regarding environmental protection. We aim to minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection.

We shall routinely audit, follow up and report our environmental performance. Procedures and standards for waste management, handling of hazardous and dangerous materials must meet or exceed minimum legal requirements.

Supply chain

Elproman continuously works to promote among its suppliers compliance with this Code of Conduct. We comply with the principles of nondiscrimination with regard to supplier selection and treatment.