Data Protection Policy (GDPR)


Exctract from Elproman's Data Protection Policy

Elproman AB is a company that sells special cables, connectors and related products.
Since Elproman mostly sells its products to companies, personal data occurs in limited scope in Elproman's electronic register.

Personal names are available in the form of contact persons at the companies that are Elproman's customers and suppliers.
Social security numbers can also occur in cases where the customer is an individual company.

In addition to this, Elproman only has personal information on persons who have shown interest in Elpromans products, but have not yet bought anything.

The personal information is used to fulfill Elproman's purchase and sale commitments, such as purchases, delivery of goods, product information and invoicing.
Elproman also has email addresses in his registers, as communication with customers and suppliers takes place by means of both telephone, mail and mail.

Updating of personal data in the form of address data may take place through public registers.
Personal data is stored and used during and after the time Elproman has customer or supplier relationships.

Elproman is a member of the industry organization Svensk Elektronik, and follows their recommendations.

Read the whole Data Protection Policy here.

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