Terms of sale


1. Pricing    

Prices in quotations and price-lists are calculated on currency exchange rates, costs of raw materials,
customs and production costs applicable at the date of quotation or price list. The seller reserves the
right to adjust prices to reflect changes in above costs beyond the sellers control unless specifically
agreed upon. Quoted prices are calculated ex VAT and/or other applicable taxes.

Prices in our web shop are shown ex VAT. In case of technical malfunction the seller reserves the right
not to sell goods at obviously wrong prices.

2. Terms of payment    

Payment against invoice (requires account and login).
Payments are to be made, net according to the terms of payment as stated on order confirmation and
invoice. Delayed payments will be charged with interest.

3. Delivery    

Deliveries are made ex works from the seller unless otherwise agreed. All transportation from the
sellers’ warehouse is conducted at the risk of the buyer.

For invoice customers freight will be done according with agreed transporter to specified address.

4. Cost of freight and packing material    

Invoice customers are charged with actual cost of freight. Prices in quotations and pricelists
include costs for packaging sufficient to prevent damage, degradation or decline in product
quality under normal transporting circumstances. Pallets are charged separately.

5. Cutting and handling fee

New updated terms from 2024-01-01:
Handling fee of SEK 200:- for orders not exceeding a total of SEK 500:-
Cutting fee SEK 150:-/cut.

6. Complaints    

Complaints must be submitted within 14 days of receipt of goods. Return of goods is to be arranged
for with freight paid, after agreement with the seller on a return. If the returned goods do not comply
with specifications and/or is faulty the seller commits to either credit the purchase, or repair alternatively
exchange the goods unless the buyer has already used or made attempts to repair the goods.
The seller is not responsible for collateral damage caused by faulty products.

7. Right of cancellation    

Note that the right of cancellation does not apply to companies. However, the seller reserves
the right not to take back products that are customized or outside of the normal stock range.

8. Dimensions and technical data    

All references to dimensions and technical data in catalogues, advertisements, mailings internet pages,
price-lists etc. are approximations. These references are binding only in the event that the agreement
between seller and buyer explicitly refers to the specific technical data.

9. Delivery time    

Delivery of stocked items can normally be done at the earliest one working day after receipt of order.
Delivery times indicated in the web shop for non stocked items are approximate and calculated from
historical data.

Specified delivery times is to be calculated from the date of closure of the agreement between seller
and buyer. This is the issue date of the seller’s order confirmation. If the seller is aware that upholding
the initially confirmed delivery time is unlikely or not possible, the seller shall inform the buyer thereof,
without delay, whereby stating the cause of delay and a revised time of delivery.

Should the delay in delivery extend to such length that it becomes unreasonable for the buyer to
accept the goods, the buyer is entitled to cancelation of the order. The seller must be informed by
the buyer of such a termination of the order immediately or as soon as possible after notification of
buyer of the final delivery time. However, in the event that the manufacture of goods is in such an
advanced stage that the seller deems it not possible to use to use the product for other existing or
incoming orders the buyer is required to fulfill the purchase.

If delivery time is delayed due to circumstances listed under paragraph 9 or due to actions or
negligence on part of the buyer, the delivery time shall be reasonably extended taken into
account the specific circumstances.

10. Limitation of liability    

If the fulfillment of the agreement between buyer and seller is hindered or obstructed by
circumstances – such as for example war, governmental interference, disturbances,
limitations of energy supply, labour market disruptions, restrictions, prohibits, void licenses
accidents, unfavourable transportation or weather conditions or lack of deliveries from
subcontractors/suppliers – that the party could not reasonable have foreseen at the time
of entering the agreement and the consequences of which the party could not have
reasonably avoid or solve, the party shall be relieved of its obligations in regards to the agreement.

11.  Arbitration    

Disputes arising from the contract/agreement shall not be submitted to a court of law through claims,
counterclaims or offsetting claims but shall be resolved by an arbitrator under current legislation
concerning arbitration and the application of Swedish law.

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